Dreaming the End of Dreaming | Alina Popa & Florin Flueras

residência de criação no CAPa – 1 a 17 Setembro 2015 – estúdio 1 

When dreaming is treated as a real praxis, and the dream as just another medium, like the actual world, then to pass from waking life to the dreamworld is to switch between equally existent worlds, to travel from one medium to another. The transversal navigation between these worlds-as-medium is made possible by the disruptive moments of waking up and falling asleep. A medium is a full behavioural space with its own affective and logical syntax. The theatre’s black box, like the broader notion of black box, is a space which is not primarily architectural, but a relational mesh of percepts, gestures and acts—a net of possible behaviours. The black box of performance is a medium that resembles the oneiric space, since it is also not taken for granted as being real, or is rather thought to be cut off from the surrounding reality. It is usually said that in order to reach the real world, one has to wake up from the black box. There are many symptoms nowadays of a contemporary art that needs to wake up to reality. But what if the real itself is a black box? What if waking up from art to reality is like travelling from box to box? Black-boxing the obvious reveals a black box more Real than what we prosaically call reality.

If power today operates environmentally, it does so by treating fictions as true in a world that is like a black box. The transference of knowledge and practices between the black box and the dreamworld are relevant now, as the only way to respond to the oneiric sovereignty of capital seems to be to overdream, to accelerate the dreaming not of fictional and alternative worlds, but of reality itself. If the world is treated as the black box, what does it entail to treat the dream as real? The answer to this question is all the more interesting now when many signs indicate that we may be in a process of extinction. It is important to imaginatively and practically speculate about what happens when the worlds are ending. A starting point for this could be the special dream in which you constantly wake up only to realize that you are actually in another dream. You are just falling from a dream into another dream, from one box into another (black) box, dreaming the end of dreaming.

artistic direction Alina Popa, Florin Flueras


Alina Popa has been involved in different dirty theories that she didn’t know where would lead but they surely went into the direction of weird practices. She sometimes writes theory that not many people read but this is in total accordance with the reality of extinction: we now know there will be no one left to read it anyway. If there is someone though, then she/he/it can find out about the affective modulations of politics, the emotional performance of labour, the current normative neuro-choreographies. And fresher fossil theory will deal with cannibalism, autophagia, junk selves, extremophiles, bezna and the multiple outside. Together with Florin Flueras she explores a zone of dark thought and an ambiguous method: the more complex these get the more humiliating they become. A whole philosophy and set of practices are being grounded on an unstable and reluctant terra firma under the name of Unsorcery (formerly Biosorcery).


Florin Flueras during his studies of choreography and psychology and afterwards in his performance activities Florin Flueras came in contact with methods such as Body Mind Centering, Feldenkrais, Shamanism, Yoga, techniques of breathing and meditation. He is also contaminated by theories and movements like speculative realism, affect theory, dark vitalism, perspectivism, schizo-analysis, new weird, object oriented ontology, accelerationism, extinction studies. Inspired but not exhausted by all these concepts and practices he started together with Alina Popa to develop his own philosophy and technique under the name of Unsorcery (Biosorcery in the beginning). He was pendulating for a while between art, theory and activism in search for the necessary space for experimenting and developing the Unsorcery Method and now he’s ready to make it public.



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