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more than a new festival, these meetings are a festival centred on a new topic, which without complexes sees itself as a political manifesto, because it is reactionary. While on the one hand it is the result of a set of 27 ordered works of art that involve around 30 Portuguese creators, in a country that invests little in Culture, the DeVIR – creation meeting (26 to 30 September in CAPa – Faro), on the hand it is taking responsibility for asking questions about the present and looking to the future, in relation to the Algarve, bringing to the forefront questions raised by 12 scholars, DeVIR – science meetings (24/25 November in Olhão Auditorium), which could prove decisive for the sustainability of this region. We are motivated by the desire to raise awareness and make the community and the political decision makers jointly responsible for a reality that urgently needs to be assessed and discussed by everybody, in order to reverse the current situation, at the cultural, ecological and social levels. It is more than an attempt to find solutions for the human desertification of the rural zones of the Serra do Caldeirão, or the spoiling of the Algarve coastline. We want this festival to contribute to finding different directions for a reality that everybody, and above all the decision makers, continue to ignore. This festival is the result of a set of orders commissioned from Portuguese creators, which makes it unique and also a responsable solidary initiative. We give you the chance to get to know the Serra do Caldeirão (or Serra do Mú), transmitting information and organising guided tours by a guide who works in the region, without fostering direct contact and involvement of the populations so as to avoid an intrusive or voyeuristic approach. However, the mountains and its peoples are present and speak directly in the 4 documentaries we have made, in the images of the 10 new photographic projects, within the scope of the Valados project (21 workshops/year 2010-12) and in the making of the festival. After reading this newspaper we challenge you to reuse it and solve the puzzle constituted by many of its pages that, when put together, comprise a map/military cartography of the Serra do Caldeirão which can be extremely useful when visiting a region that is as unknown as it is fascinating.bon voyage and happy meetingsJL