dance platform at TMFaro – May 8

May 8 – 21h30 – Teatro Municipal de Faro
Portuguese Dance Platform – performance
16 years
and over |  75 minutes | ticket 6€ | info/ticket office 289 888110


Tsunamismo,  Recital para duas cordas em M | Elizabete Francisca

tsunamismo_video still Ritz Clubvideo still Ritz Club presentation

artistic direction and performance Elizabete Francisca artistic and rehearsal assistance André Soares punctual artistic assistance Rita Natálio make-up António Mv, Jorge Bragada music and sound design João Bento last song “Ilha Jovem” – Jovens do Prenda light design and technical direction Carlos Ramos production O Rumo do Fumo co-production Culturgest financial supportForum Dança/DÉPARTS studio support, residencies Residências ON/OFF – Guimarães Capital Europeia da Cultura/ European Culture Capital, AZEITE – Tojeira, Culturgest ackowledgmentsJoão Ferro Martins, Jorge Bragada, a equipa do -mente, Marianne Baillot, Helena Serra, Teresa Silva, Antonia Buresio Rumo do Fumo and Forum Dança are supported by Governo de Portugal – Secretário de Estado da Cultura / Direcção Geral das Artes andCâmara Municipal de Lisboa / Forum Dança bellongs to the international network DÉPARTS / DÉPARTS is supported by EC (Cultural Program 2007-2013)

TSUNAMISM, Recital for two strings in M – This solo is based on the construction of a body that can contain in itself whole the strength of a Dantesque universe and the apparent tranquility of a paradise devastated by the fire after a foam party. As if, at a first glance, it would be possible to create an archetype with another (same) naked body, coming and going between the rational and irrational, human and animal, language and non-language. A kind of an acephalous with brain and heart, was what I wanted to construct, leaving the images that inhabit us pass through the body until it tries to come up to something more raw and rough, more earthly, maybe more simple. Whatever that is. [Is that, it seems to me that we become too well educated and reasonable, too used to be a silent machine screw in a catatonic bubble, too busy smoking virtual opium, too cozy in a rocking chair looking at the mirror of others as the only salvation. This is a slowly decomposition, it’s life without attraction, it’s individual insufficiency. It’s a foundation made of dough, wasted kumbaya. It turns the desire off, the gap needed for dreams, horniness, ecstasy, laughter, screaming and so on.] I still don’t know how to do it but there is a phrase that is repeating in my head “tout que je peut faire c’est être là, tout que je peut donner c’est,ça, être lá “ like this, even in French.  And the circus will always be set up. Well there. To keep a body alive you have to keep it in a network of paradoxes. This performance is a 20 minutes excerpt from a 45 minutes work. For the nature of the solo, which transforms itself into a continuous and sequential way until the end, I had to choose the beginning. Where I end it here today, would be in a complete version a turning point to writing in reverse, with another tone and sound. Elizabete Francisca

Elizabete Francisca South Africa, 1985. Holds a degree in Industrial Design (ESAD-CR) and studied at Forum Dança (PEPCC) and at Escola Superior de Dança in Lisbon. As a performer or/and as artistic partner, she has worked with Ana Borralho & João Galante, Vera Mantero, Mariana T. Barros, Tânia Carvalho, Mark Tompkins, Rita Natálio, Loic Touzé, among others. From her own work highlights the projects 3º ANDAR Bruce Willis”; “EXOC”; “Castaside the Law”; and the duos “Leva a mão que eu levo o braço” and “UmEspanto não se Espera” co-created with Teresa Silva. She is an artist supported by O Rumo do Fumo.


Joclécio Azevedo

pedimos desculpa

concept and choreographic direction Joclécio Azevedo performance Joclécio Azevedo, Pedro Rosa music Pedro Augusto/Ghuna X costume design Jordann Santos design adaptation and Light design Miguel Ângelo executive production Circular – Associação Cultural  support to the artist-in-residence programme Companhia Instável work developed in the scope of the project ArtistaResidente da Circular Associação Cultural em Vila do Conde/2013

In this project I would like to propose the reflection on ideas that show physical antagonistic processes, underlining contradictions with reality and images, not forgetting derision and bitterness as possible forms of resistance. We try to inhabit this creation process as if we were antennas, as a kind of universal retransmitter that can send signals continuously and at any time to express discontent, confusion and the clash with a reality which is becoming more indecipherable and dangerously reductive. So we start from this feeling of going into a stall, of infinite pause. We are concerned with thinking if it is still possible and desirable that each body can express its own cry.

Joclécio Azevedo Brazil 1969. He lives and works in Oporto since 1990. He had Theatre and Dance training at Balleteatro School in Oporto (1990‐93).”In Spite of the Evidence” (2003), “The Melted Mirror” (2004), “In a Short way” (2004), “Inventory” (2006/7), “Open Scores” (2009), “A commissioned piece” (2009), “Alexandria (Fragments)” (2011), “Soiled” (piece created for Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte in 2012), Porto 2017″ (2012), “Unfinished” (2013) and “We apologize for the inconvenience, the (r)evolution will follow in a moment” are some of his choreographies and performances.

Pedro Rosa Horta 1983. Graduated in dance Balleteatro Vocational School (2005) and graduated in Dance / Choreography School of Dance in Arnhem, Netherlands (2007). As a choreographer created “Walk”, “Dissolution of Multiples”, “88888”, “New Bodies for Invisible People” and “Across the shadow waiting.” and “New Hyper Utopic Empire”. As a performer highlights the work done with Né Barros, and David Brandstaeter Malgven Gerbes, Katharina Horn, Eva Maria Kuepfer and Simone Truong.  Won LABJOVEM 2009 prize in the Dance category / performance by creating “Across the shadow waiting.”

Pedro Augusto / Ghuna X Has been developing regular activity in electronic music (performative), sound design and production under the alter ‐ ego Ghuna X. Has worked with artists and organizations in various contexts: Black Bombaim , Capicua , Ana Deus, Alexandre Soares , Rey, Jonathan Saldanha, Vera Mota etc. Developed soundtracks for theatre plays and short films.  Co‐founder of the Porto collective Faca Monstro and Marvellous Tone. Works as the Digitópia monitor (Educational Services of Casa da Música ) and is part of Digitópia Collective.

Hu(r)mano | Marco da Silva Ferreira


artistic direction and choreography Marco da Silva Ferreira direction assistance Mara Andradeperformers Marco da Silva Ferreira, Anaísa Lopes, André Cabral, Vítor Fontes technical director and light designer Wilma Moutinho musicians Rui Lima e Sérgio Martins scenography and costumes Marco da Silva Ferreira executive production Marco da Silva Ferreira productionPensamento avulso partners o espaço do tempo, Teatro Virgínia, Jazzy Dance Studio, Feira Viva project funded by Governo de Portugal/ Secretário de Estado da Cultura/ DGArtes,Materiais Diversos

In Hu(r)mano we levitate on a parallel atmosphere, where the performers emerge through a rationalization of the human urban motion. I’m interested on the analysis and artistic reconfiguration of the abstract product, which nowadays is regenerated intuitively and progressively. I look for a mobility that converges with these “human-transuman” frames of mind and I develop metaphoric compositions about contemporary surroundings. I focus on this abstraction to find and express in a subjective way – reflexes of the interstitial space of relations, the interaction between “human me” and “urban we”, as well as of the transformation of social, physical and mental masses. These transumanized beings have an imminence that moves them. I decide to go from there.

Marco da Silva Ferreira (1986, Santa Maria da Feira) began his career as a professional dancer in 2004. He has danced with Companhia de Dança do Norte, Tok’Art and Companhia Instável, as well as with several well-know choreographers. He is the winner of national and international dance competitions and has created 5 pieces since beginning to choreograph in 2008.


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