We started off in 1994, with the launch of an international contemporary dance festival called “a sul” (south bound). In 2001 we opened CAPa – the Algarve Centre for Performing arts – a multidisciplinary venue in Faro, without resident creators, but instead, dedicated to support creative artistic work. At CAPa, our main objective is to host an artistic residency programme throughout the year. We are also developing a full set of audience-related events such as organizing a season calendar of events, festivals, hosting workshops, local and national events, networking with other similar structures and our doors are always open to community-based projects. Since the very beginning, CAPa is a home from home for many. It’s a place where it’s possible to live, temporarily, in absolute devotion to one’s ideas. Many creations were born, developed or finished here. CAPa is a place for working and settling into, a place where ideas can freely come together and where it’s possible to transform projects into a reality. There are two studios available, one 12 x 12 meters on the 2nd floor, and another, 10 x 10 meters on the 1st floor – where the office/laundry/ kitchen and the bathrooms are also located. Residential area (with 7 bedrooms, double and single with up to 2/4 bed) can be arranged on the top floor. A multi-propose black-box theatre (91 seats) to rehearse is also available. There are some main features of our three floors building, ready to fulfill contemporary professional creator’s needs.