Chris Leuenberger | ORGANIZATION


residência de criação no CAPa – 12 a 27 de Outubro 2013 – estúdio 1 

Concept / Choreography / Dance Chris Leuenberger
Dramaturgy / Outside Eye Marcel Schwald 
Set Design / Graphic Design Lukas Acton                                                                                            

In the solo ORGANIZATION Chris Leuenberger tries to get his life back on track. Through German expressionist dance, yoga and yodeling techniques he saves himself from an apparent midlife crisis in which his career and confidence seemed to break into pieces due to an overdose of options and lack of decisive power.

The core of the solo consists of a short dance phrase. The phrase is composed of an eclectic medley of different sources: fragments from German expressionist dance, unorthodox yoga sequences and bits and pieces of ‘authentic movement’ recorded on video and rehearsed to perfection. Before the phrase can actually be performed, Chris organizes everything around and within him – from the smallest fold in the dance carpet, the temperature of the air, the exact shade of light, the positioning of technical equipment to the rhythm of his breath. He even tries to use the position and breath of the audience for his purposes. An endless ritual of preparation precedes the actual dance, which is sketched into the space little by little and underlined with different breath scores.

Already in his solo MASCULINITY (2008) and in the group piece SOPLO DE VIDA (2012) Chris utilized breath as a key choreographic tool. In ORGANIZATION the musicality of breath is to be incorporated into the dancing body with meticulous precision. Chris is interested in how one and the same dance phrase will be read and interpreted differently by the same audience when adding a variety of breath and sound scores, all produced by the dancer himself.

This solo project is the first part of a trilogy looking into the choreographic potential of breath and its relationship to German expressionist dance. The second part consists of an evening-length documentary dance performance called KREUTZBERG IN BERN taking a close look at Kreutzberg’s legacy in Switzerland’s capital.

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o Programa de Residências de Criação do CAPa 2013
tem o apoio da Direcção Regional de Cultura do Algarve